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Consulting Services

We assist companies operating in fast-evolving marketplaces. The services we provide will ensure robust plans for market entry and growth strategies.

Regulation and Compliance

We specialise in highly regulated sectors with detailed regulatory advice specific to your business to ensure that your company is trusted by the industry and the wider public.
Ceres Associates can assist your business in adapting quickly to new regulations in both the UK and Europe. At Ceres Associates, we do not fear regulatory intervention. We embrace it as an opportunity. We can provide regulatory and compliance advice on a number of issues.


Commercial Strategy

Our team includes experts from many fields who are ready to help develop and grow your business. We have a team of dedicated experts who can provide detailed advice specific to your needs.
We provide a comprehensive plan that details how our clients can achieve their business goals and objectives. This plan is aimed at optimising operations, revenue generation, and delivering value to the end customer.
This provides a platform for our clients to enter new markets with confidence. Knowledge is power.


Investment Support

We appreciate raising for your business can be time consuming, challenging and frustrating! At Ceres, we have experience successfully raising for companies from Pre-Seed to Series B and have a diverse network of investors we can call upon to review your business. Alongside this, we can support in the development of pitch-decks and investment road-shows, all the way to public offerings. Ceres would be happy to talk through your investment needs today!

Services : Services
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